• How do you access my Shopify account?

    As we are an official partner with Shopify we don’t need a staff account to login to your store. All we need is your Shopify admin URL and we’ll send a request to access via our Shopify Collaborator account.

    Find out more about Collaborator accounts here.

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  • What happens if I don't already have a Shopify account?

    As we’re a Shopify partner, we can create Development accounts which enable us to have a working environment to build and setup the store without choosing and paying for a Shopify subscription until you’re ready to launch.

    This is a free service and has no time limit so there’s no rush to get the store ready before the free trial expires.

    Once the store is ready, we’ll transfer ownership to you and you’ll be able to select a Shopify subscription plan.

    Learn more about Shopify here.

  • What's the difference between Standard & Advanced Shopify Setup Packages?

    Our standard Shopify setup & design package includes a pre-made theme installation, which we’ll then customise to suit your needs to within the scope of the theme features. Using a pre-made template saves alot of design & development time and therefore offers a lower price alternative to our Custom Advanced setup.

    Our custom advanced Shopify setup & design package is suited to larger online stores who require customisation specific to their business and outside of the standard Shopify design package.

    Please contact us with any questions about our design packages.

  • What services do you offer?

    We are a design agency based in Lincolnshire, England and offer:

    E-Commerce & Shopify Design & Setups, HTML5/PHP Web Design & Hosting, Domain Registrations & Email Hosting, Shopify Store Updates, Support & Marketing Packages, Social Media Management

  • Do you offer support after the initial design?

    We have several support package options from £199/month to cover all your store update requirements and on-going marketing management.

    Click here to view our Support Plans.

  • What are your payment terms?

    For web design projects we may accept a 50% deposit payment and final payment on completion of the project.

    All Support Plans, hosting and domains are paid monthly in advance.

Shopify Web Design from £399