Do you know your ROI from your USP?

For all the newbie’s that may have a hard time understanding some of the “E-Commerce lingo” here is a list of some of the most popular acronyms used:

AIC – Audience Integrated Circuit
AOV – Average Order value
ATC – Add to Cart
ATV – Average Transaction Value
ATP – Average Time to Purchase
CA – Custom Audience
CBO – Campaign Budget Optimization
CLV – Customer Lifetime Value
CPA – Cost Per Acquisition
CPM – Cost Per Impression (1000)
CPC – Cost per Conversion
CRR – Customer Retention Rate
CSB – Courier Shipping Bill
CTC – Cost to Company
CTR – Click Through Rate
DPA – Dynamic Product Ad
KPI – Key Performance Indicator
LAA – Look Alike Audience
LAL – Look Alike Audience
LLA – Look Alike Audience
MAU – Monthly Active Users
PPC – Pay Per Click
PUR – Purchase
ROAS – Return on Ad Spend
ROI – Return on Investment
RVR – Repeat Visitor Ratio
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
SMO – Social Media Optimization
SKU – Stock Keeping Unit
USP – Unique Selling Proposition
WCA – Website Custom Audiences
VA – Virtual Assistant
VC – View Content
VTP – Visits to Purchase


Did you discover new ones to add to your vocabulary? Or did we miss any off the list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them!